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natalie shau sweet tooth

Tourists are not encouraged, and are occasionally shot at on sight

You know, when I'm browsing in a bookstore nothing turns me away from a potential read than a summary that supposedly features a strong heroine yet there plastered on the cover is some leather bound vixen, plunging neckline exposed midriff, most likely sporting a tramp stamp of some kind.

Is it me? Am I just that much of a prude or over generalizing? For all I know, most of these books are actually well written. I just can't believe any book that boasts of a compelling heroine and still has a cover that makes her look like a Maxim model. Less clothes does not mean more kickass, IMO.

And as for such heroines- I'm generalizing once again, I'm sure, but they all sound like the same person. They will usually have some ridiculous, quixotic name like Evangeline Firestorm and she will not only be a exorcist/sorceress/demon slayer/ detective (usually all at once) but will also be the best in her field while getting seduced by a hot demon. It all just smacks of Mary Sue to me. Bonus points if they have a dark backstory that features death of a loved one at the hands of the Big Bad.

I would rather read a story where the main character is named Sarah Stewart and is a librarian with the potential for development than a story where the character is already so badass, the author doesn't feel the need for any growth since they are just so perfect as they are now. This is why I stay away from romance novels (though I am a romantic) and paranormal romances are usually a double gag for me. Especially since the "hero" is some sort of supernatural creature whose main attribute is that he's hot. Sorry, if I wanted that, I would be squealng over Edward Cullen instead of pointing out that what a d-bag he would actually be in real life.

I tried reading one paranormal romance and was so repulsed by it and the OTP, that I sold it and have not touched the genre since. I can't even remember the story only that I despised it.

Speaking of the dumb and paranormal, here's a clip of the Soup that parodies "Ghost Adventures". The show itself may be a poor man's Ghost Hunters but the clip is funny especially when the main guy says "Pasty Irish ghost, face me you dickweasel." I have to give props to the cast for being able to poke fun at themselves.


Yeah, welcome to urban fantasy. You forgot the part where 90% of the women on the covers don't have heads, and the endless triangles.

As far as paranormal romances go, about the only ones I could recommend for anything but the crack are Marjorie M. Liu's Dirk & Steele books. And those are high on the intentional crack, as opposed to inintentional "dramatic" crack.
Breaks my heart really. I did try to get into the whole paranormal fantasy/ urban fantasy, but after awhile, I was just "no more".
I knew you were talking about paranormal romance before you even mentioned it :D The woman are always half naked and standing in the most hilarious of poses. My favorite is the legs spread apart and looking over the shoulder one.

But they're my guilty pleasure. I recently read Karen Chance's Midnight's Daughter and loved it.
Ugh women*
My favorite is the legs spread apart and looking over the shoulder one.

Seriously. Are they going to slay demons or audition for America's Next Top Model?

Although I am up for recs if anyone's willing. I don't usually like to judge a book by its cover but if the back cover is pretty meh too, I'm kinda stuck with first impressions.
Found this entry via a Google alert. So glad you posted it. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to it on my LJ. I think it should be shared with many.

Best regards,

Grace Draven
I don't mind at all, actually flattered. Thank you!
natalie shau sweet tooth

September 2012

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